Amritham Club Report – October to December 2018

Distribution of food packets: Students and teachers of Std. 6 distributed food packets in the streets of Kozhikode town on December 20th. Students were encouraged to be compassionate towards the needy.

Seniors students as tutors: Senior students are encouraged to help junior students with cursive writing. Junior students are very keen to learn from their elder sisters and brothers.

Kiliyootu: KG students are taken to feed the birds with grains. The value of caring and sharing towards all living beings is instilled in the young minds.

Birthday deed: Students are instructed to give greeting cards to their parents on their birthdays. Students are taught to honor their parents and make them feel special.

Organic farming: Organic farming is practiced in the school. It helps students to connect with nature. Many vegetables like bitter gourd, lady’s finger, spinach, etc. were harvested.

Book review: On all Thursdays, book review is conducted in the morning assembly.

Pidiyari: Students bring handful of green gram and rice every month to contribute towards the social service of MAM.